First-timer Lawson Kane plows hairy sex pup Zach Alexander!

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There’s no way out: baby-faced cutie Zach Alexander is going to bottom for newcomer Lawson Kane, a beefy, black muscle stud from Michigan. Lawson looks at the face of a guy first and his ass second before he decides who he is going to fuck — and when he sees Zach, he had no complaints at all! After Lawson talks a little bit about his life growing up and coming out, he and Zach move into some intense, sensual kissing. Lawson runs his lips and tongue up and down Zach’s tight, fuzzy chest before unzipping the twink’s jeans and sucking on his uncut, 9-inch cock. Zach laps up every second of it, closing his eyes and biting his lower zip as he gyrates his hips, slowly face-fucking Lawson. When it’s Lawson’s turn for some steamy attention, Zach begins by licking Lawson’s chest and sucking his nipples before wrapping his lips around his stiff, thick rod, gobbling up all 8 inches of it. The two lovers swap blowjobs and smack lips before Zach positions himself on all fours so Lawson can prep the twink’s tight hole with his slippery tongue! The more Lawson feasts on Zach’s tight ass, Zach begs for his top to finally slip his dick inside of him for the fucking of a lifetime! When Zach is worked up enough, Lawson finally penetrates him: at first he screws him slowly and sensually, but soon after he mounts and fucks him like a wild animal! Lawson enjoys diversity, so he wrangles Zach into all different kinds of positions, who is moaning and crying out until Lawson delivers his hot, steamy load all over Zach’s face!

Thick-hung Tristan Jaxx fucks blindfolded Zach Alexander!

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Tristan Jaxx knows what he desires and it’s hot muscle-twink Zach Alexander as his dirty little slut fuck toy. When Tristan discovers Zach blindfolded on a dirty mattress wearing nothing but a jockstrap, he takes advantage of the opportunity to get his thick, uncut meat buried down Zach’s ready throat. Tristan gets bossy, moaning in pleasure and making Zach beg for more. As a reward for his efforts, he works Zach’s hard uncut shaft over and then turns his attention to his bubble butt and tight, pink hole. After some rimming and jockstrap sniffing, Tristan chokes on Zach’s cock and balls again before getting him on all fours and forcing his huge member into Zach’s wanting ass. Zach’s greedy hole swallows every inch as Tristan flips him onto his back and removes the blindfold. Zach climbs on top to ride Tristan but it doesn’t take long for Tristan to regain control, throwing Zach’s legs back and fucking him until he shoots his sweet load onto his furry torso. Tristan then sprays his own impressive load clear across Zach’s body, hitting his face on the way.

Tell me what you DESIRE!

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What do you want? What will satisfy you? What do you desire? We go deep into the passionate fantasies of fucking to find out what men really want. Close your eyes and feel every inch of a thick throbbing cock inside you. Eat the bubble ass of that sweat-dripping muscle stud after he worked out. Fuck your boyfriend harder than ever and get covered in cum and desire! Starring Trent Locke, Dayton, O’Connor, Zach Alexander, Tristan Jaxx, Joey Milano, Braxton Bond, Adam Richards, Tyler Saint, and Jake Steel!

Our men SPREAD for the press!

From London to Germany, and Colorado to Canada the world is crazed by cock! Check out our recent press clippings where our Lucas Entertainment men strip down and spread it all for you!

*Movies featured:

Zach Alexander takes us on the set as he rides Rafael Alencar’s monster cock!

We trekked out to Fire Island to get wet and dirty with Zach Alexander and Rafael Alencar for HEAT WAVE! The sun was beating down on us hard…but not as forceful as Rafael beat Zach’s plump ass. Check out Zach’s clip below as he gets ready to mount Rafael Alencar’s monster cock!

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Zach Alexander Prepares for Oral Examinations with Shay

Michael Lucas recently chatted with future dentist Zach Alexander and up and coming fashion designer Shay before their scene in Big Shots (Auditions 35). They spend a few minutes chatting about coming out, being in porn, and their studies.

Just remember: Every time you watch porn, you’re helping a young, big-dicked man fuck his way through college.

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Zach Alexander takes us on the set with Rafael Alencar!

Every week here on Lucas Blog we have a guest blog host that gives us a peek into their lives and what they are up to now. But this week we took advantage of filming our new movie Summer Heat out on the beach and had hairy muscle twink Zach Alexander be the blogger via video. Check out Zach’s clip below as he gets ready to mount Rafael Alencar’s monster cock!

KINGS OF NEW YORK is a “Superb Feast Of Sex!”

Kings of New York was recently reviewed by Here are some of the highlights and be sure to watch the hardcore trailer at the end. Feel free to leave your personal review in the comment section!

Four scenes here are lessons in what it really takes to succeed. Is it money? Is it power? Is it jazz hands? Of course not! It’s sexual prowess and the ability to use it to one’s advantage. As cynical and jaded as the city itself, “Kings of New York” is vintage Lucas Entertainment. It has no time for romance or dreams, just quick solid fucking to prove its point. The people at the top are the ones who have exploited their sexual prowess…


We…learn that being top dog in New York City does not mean being a top, because it’s Wilfried Knight who fucks Junior Stellano, now showing us just how experienced Junior’s ass is as crashes in and out with great ease and speed. If Junior seems a bit disconnected from it, it’s certainly not because Wilfried is lacking in giving him an excellent workout. Junior then fucks Wilfried, adopting the same speedy pace and using his hefty frame to grind a deep plow into Wilfried. Junior is all smiles as he produces a double-headed dildo, inserts it into Wilfried and then himself so the two can bump booties as they anally inhale the piece. Junior cums and Wilfried feeds some of it back to him, licking up some of it himself and then cums on Junior’s waiting tongue. With a big smile, Junior tells Wilfried, “fuck me over again and the next lesson won’t be so fun.” If I were Wilfried, I would tempt fate and see what the next lesson has in store, because this one was pretty damn delightful…

If Rafael Alencar weren’t a king of New York by virtue of his photography skills, he would be due to his dick size. The two 69, set against the stark white of the set and both seem to have a blast. Rafael isn’t shy, because as he’s sucking Phillip Aubrey, he starts fingering Phillip’s ass. Phillip isn’t shy, either, because he then sits himself down on Rafael’s dick and skewers himself on the whole length of it for a spiffy bounce. No longer the naïve hick, Phillip is an ace bottom who can turn himself around on Rafael’s dick without pulling off. This is sublime bottoming, and what’s best are the positions. The guys work in some of the hardest, and we should never forget just how big Rafael is! Their whole riding section, whether by Phillip’s bouncing or Rafael’s upwards thrusting, is absolute perfection.


Showing command and his usual elegance, Michael Lucas gives Rod Daily an exquisite fuck. He starts with a simple doggy routine, but then crouches more atop Rod and varies his speeds to keep it interesting. Michael then fucks Rod upside down, sinking his long pole all the way down into Rod, and doing it with full in-and-out thrusts that make an interesting position even better. Michael’s thankfully relentless fucking only stops when he pulls out to finger and lick at Rod’s hairless hole now and then. The camera is definitely focused more on the Michael than on Rod. That’s not necessarily a problem, because Michael is in fine fettle here, but Rod is a hunk who could use some more close-ups (or maybe that’s just my dream!). Rod cums with Michael still fucking him and then Michael sprinkles a nice load on Rod’s flawless abs.


Steven Daigle fucks Zach Alexander completely upside down, with the hairy bottom jiggling himself around Steven’s dick and then going for broke in an awesome ride atop Steven’s dick. These two are responsible for some of the movie’s best fucking, and the fact that Zach is hard the whole time (and with a great long dick), makes it even more mouthwatering. What I did not expect, but welcomed completely, was Zach topping Steven! The flipping comes with no lessening in energy, and Zach proves to be quite the demanding top as well. He buries all of himself in Steven and pushes along with a manly insistence. It’s back to Steven fucking Zach for cum time.

As wry as “Kings of New York” appears to be on the surface, it’s really a superb feast of sex…These eight guys are paired notably well and a lot of heat comes from each scene. I don’t know what the mob or the Mayor might think, but I’m willing to crown some of these guys unofficial Kings of good old NYC.


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