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Jonathan Agassi takes a stand for his country!

hallo hallo
It’s Jonathan Agassi and first and most importantly I have to say! A few weeks ago I posted on my blog that I would be performing at Madrid Pride at the SuperMartxe party…well that’s NOT going to happen!

The Madrid Pride organizers decided to take a stand and discriminate Israel over the flotilla incident! They have banned Israel from attending the parade. Well guess what?!?


So for all of you that have seen my name on the party invitation, take notice that I’m not going to a place where MY nation is not welcome!
I stand behind my country even if I’m not in Israel right now. I am proud of my country so, as I said, I wont be performing!

So where were we?? OH YEAH!!
Berlin Pride!

I hate weathermen!! Why did you say it was going to be raining????? Why??? I didn’t go to the parade just because of that and then I saw the sun was shining!! Later at night though, I went partying at the Berghain club, as you know me I had to dress up, because if I didn’t show my ass at the parade I WILL SURELY SHOW IT WITH EVERY OTHER CHANGE I GOT ☺

That was great!!
p.s. Do you think I’m a sexy captain? My first time sailing a boat… FUN!

Oh oh oh… did u see my scene with Rafael Carreras in Men in Stockings?????? wooooof!!!! I WANT MORE!! That man is just perfect! HUGE cock! The BEST ass EVER!! And he looks like the perfect man even wearing stockings!!! Thank GOD for porn ☺

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grrrrrrr ((;
have a great weekend guys
love love love!

Phillip Aubrey: My Cock is “a Good 8.5″ Thick and Nice Color and Shape”

Phillip Aubrey (star of Men In Stockings, Fuck Me Hard, Lust, and the upcoming Kings of New York) recently chatted with XXFactor.com. Here’s what he had to say about sex, love, the world outside porn, and his boyfriend Spencer Reed!

Phillip Aubrey’s versatility as a performer hinges not so much on whether he’s a top or a bottom as it does on his ability to undertake roles involving bondage, depravity, fluff, kink and romance with equal panache and heat. He can also twist himself like a pretzel or a corkscrew, offering appealing views and full access to any man who is about to ravage him. His fluency in body language has few peers and his roles in Lucas Entertainment’s Lust, Men in Stockings and Fuck Me Hard seem to bring out his best qualities and most abject need.

Phillip Aubrey 1

What’s the best thing about your penis?
The best thing about my penis I guess would be its shape. I’m a grower, not a shower, which is irritating at times. But its a good 8.5 thick and nice color and shape.

What was your personal path to performing in porn?
My personal path has changed throughout the past year or so. At one moment I thought it was taking off after I did one of my first films, Taken, with C1R. It was the only thing I did in 2009, unfortunately, but this year I’ve done some amazing work with Lucas Ent. whom I’ve enjoyed working with very much. Where I want to go with my career in porn is undetermined. I would love more work and to work with as many companies as possible for as long as possible and just enjoy it while it lasts.

What will give you an orgasm that makes you levitate?
Levitating orgasm…? Well, I’m completely versatile. Spencer Reed is my partner who just turns me on, on every level. When he is intimate and kisses me while he grinds against me,he hits every spot in my body. It’s the intimacy that really fuels my engine if you know what I mean.


What fetish do you have that we might not see in your movies?
Secret fetish? I really like my feet played with. Love my toes to be sucked. But the big hush hush is I have a serious food fetish. Nothing turns me on more than playing with food… desserts, cakes, pasta, etc.

You’re going to direct a porn scene. Who’s in the scene and what happens?
The arab porn superstar houssen from Arabian Nights. He is so hot. I would want to be a guy moving into my new house and he would be the moving guy and I would help him and corner him into a room where I would seduce the hell out of him. I know its not that big of an ooh ahhh but I’m a simple guy. Hairy masculine men are just the cat’s meow to me.

If you could spend 24 hours doing anything you want with any person on the planet, whom would you choose and what would you do?
I would choose my boyfriend Spencer Reed. He’s my baby. I hate to not be with him. I would want to be on a private island surrounded by mountains and waterfalls and swim in crystal blue water and make love on the beach all day and bathe in the waterfalls. Nothing fancy, just natural environment with nothing else but ourselves. Oh yeah, some horses on the beach would rock.


Share your weirdest come-on, either given by you or to you.
I love my neck being kissed. I love it when someone makes out with my earlobes and around my neck… oooohhhhhh yeah.

What is the fastest way to get you into bed?
Tell me you love me. j/k. Someone who puts a fight for me, who takes the extra effort when out on date. For example, if I’m sure the person will be there when I wake up and not ditch me right afterwards. I don’t go jumping into bed with just anyone.

Do sex partners (or potential sex partners) relate to you differently when they know you make porn films?
Yes they do, as a matter of fact. They either look at you as a simple piece of ass or they are intimidated or repelled. They sometimes are both attracted and repelled. Until my relationship now (which is great btw) I was pretty lonely for quite some time. Being with someone who is in the industry is different but also comforting because I’m not judged whatsoever.

What’s the biggest lie anyone ever told you, or you ever told someone else, in order to have sex?
Someone used a fake accent with me; made me believe they were from Spain or somewhere exotic and when we were done he played it off as if it was funny. So awful to think you hooked up with something cross country and then find out he’s just some guy from Nebraska.

What’s the most unusual or fun thing you have ever had up your ass?
People probably want to hear that I’ve had something wild like a door handle or something crazy like that, but the most exciting thing I have ever had up my ass is a penis. It will forever be the most exciting thing for me: good, old-fashioned, nothing-like-the-real-thing PENIS.


What is it about a person’s body that most makes you weak in the knees?
This may sound weird, but I love the space between a mans pecs. That and the happy trail on a nice stomach. It drives me up the wall. That alone can get my rocks off. I really like feeling the scruff of a man’s beard on my face. Makes me feel like I’m in the arms of a real man baby.

Where is the most daring place you have ever had sex? What did you do there?
Having sex in a train bathroom and being jacked off in the seat on a train from DC to New York. It was thrilling to me.

At what age did you first watch porn?
I was 13 and it was a porn I stole from my best friend’s dad. It was a vintage 70s str8 porn video which I thought was just the most awesome thing I had ever seen since Sailor Moon. haha

When did you lose your virginity? Who with?
Believe it or not, I lost my virginity when I was 16 to a girl named Jordan. Go figure. The girlfriend after that was named Cody. Are you seeing where this is going … all boy names.

Is porn a career or a hobby for you right now? What will come next?
I would have to say yes, it is a hobby right now. However I am looking to do more with the industry. My goals are to become a yoga instructor with my own studio and health nutritionist. So yes and no, it’s a hobby at the same time it is workI would have to say yes, it is a hobby right now. However I am looking to do more with the industry. My goals are to become a yoga instructor with my own studio and health nutritionist. So yes and no, it’s a hobby at the same time it is work.

What is the perfect sexual encounter?
I’m not sure how to answer this question without sounding like a slut. Nothing is more hot than meeting a hot complete stranger at the same time with someone you know.

Share something personal or amusing that reveals your human side.
I really get turned on when I hear a man belch or burp. It’s burly and just wrong on so many levels, but it’s real and I love the thought of how much a person can consume to make them do that. Hahaha. Isn’t that so weird?

Which food makes you horny?
Boston cream pie … hmmm mmm mmmm

Is there masturbation after death?
As long as it’s hard!!!


Extra Questions

You have also made films as Jasper St. John. Have you used other names? Why use more than one name?
Jasper St. John was the first name. I needed a name right away and my first agent Dak King gave it to me. After a year or so, I felt I couldn’t relate to the name nor did I care for it much, so I used my real first name and middle. If I’m going to do something I might as well do it with my name on it. Plus like my name and I don’t see myself teaching kids or running for president so … whatever, right?

Your body is extremely flexible. Are you a trained gymnast or classical dancer? How did you get to be so limber? Does it increase the intensity of getting fucked to be able to put your legs behind your ears?
I do have dancing background as an aerialist and modern dancer. I trained in modern dance and jazz for years growing up. I was also a swimmer and dancer growing up, so stretching keeping in shape is something I always maintain.

Can you suck yourself?
Although I am flexible I tried when I was younger to suck myself but had no luck. So I don’t think so … really have no need to.

How did you and Spencer become partners? How does it impact the dynamic of a relationship when both partners work in adult XXX?
Spencer and I met on a double date. We were wildly attracted to each other and we took it very slow, but things really gave way the beginning of this year 2010. It really doesn’t change the dynamic at all. He’s very professional and yes, sometimes I’m sure it bothers him like it bothers me when he’s away or I am on a gig. But he comes home to me and I to him and we are happy. We trust each other and I’m very proud of him and happy for his success. And it works. Outside of the industry we have a normal relationship. We do everything together. I wasn’t alive really till I met him. He satisfies me on every level, good and bad. I’ll take it all.

Do you have a job now apart from porn? What did you do before porn?
I actually have two jobs. I work part-time for an all males clothing store in Washington, DC, which is gay owned and operated. I love the people I work with. I also work for a cocoa bar/wine bar and we specialize in making all the chocolate and truffles, etc., ourselves there. It’s a total European style chocolate shop here in our nation’s capital. And I love it. Until I get my license for yoga and health it works and I enjoy it.


MEN IN STOCKINGS “Pushes Envelope,” Turns Reviewers On

The gentlemen at Next Magazine watched Men in Stockings. Here’s what they had to say!

Lucas Entertainment gives cables a kink and stockings a run. Black-tighted bottoms and domineering tops? It’s a battle of the sexies!

JACK: Rod, it’s so good to be back while Manuel is in porn rehab. And what could be a better welcome back than a surprisingly copious cum shower from Michael Lucas himself in a sizzling scene with hairy bottom Junior Stellano?


ROD: Lucas knows how to push the envelope. If anyone told me I’d get hard from watching guys put on stockings and have sex I’d have said you were crazy. But when you put guys this hot into stockings I guess I can get into anything.

JACK: Or any one. Between Marco Cruise, Rafael Alencar and Bruno Jones…girl, my stockings didn’t know which way to run.

ROD: I already thought Phillip Aubrey was so hot. So put his ass into stockings and I’d still eat it. If Spencer Reed doesn’t have a problem with it, why should I?

JACK: I couldn’t agree more. What a top. It must be Christmas, because Spencer Reed is a real stocking stuffer! And which was tighter, those hose or Aubrey’s hole?

ROD: Maikel Cash is so fucking hot in or out of tights. Now my problem is telling my boyfriend that this movie turned me on. I know who wears the pants in the family, now I’m wondering who’s going to wear the pantyhose?

ROD: 4 Splats
JACK: 3 Splats

Junior Stellano laces up for Men in Stockings!

Hey Bloggers,

Here to kick it with you all a bit on LucasBlog! My name is Junior Stellano and I am a fourth generation Sicilian and Portuguese American, born and raised in New York City. I have been performing in adult movies for almost 2 years now, having my last three scenes with Lucas Entertainment. I have worked in about 15 films as an actor for various producers. It has been an exciting two years, and I feel lucky to be welcomed by fans, fellow porn stars, and as well with great directors like Michael Lucas.

My first movie scene with Lucas Entertainment was in Men In Stockings. I was featured on the cover of Next magazine back around March 12th for NYC Black Party weekend, wearing thick fishnet stocking gear created buy Slick it Up. I have to be honest, before I tried that gear on I have never sported fishnets before, nor would I ever think that I would be caught dead in stockings. When I tried them on at home in front of a fuck bud, needless to say once we got a look at the gear on… we were fucking. So when Michael Lucas invited me to do a scene wearing fishnets for him, I started to get hard on the phone talking with him about it. Not only was this my first scene with Lucas Entertainment, but also the scene was with Michael himself. As a fan of Lucas Entertainment, I am very excited to be working with the studio right here in my hometown.

It was a complete pleasure to work with mr. Pam, Photographer Dick Mitchell, and producer and my scene partner, Michael Lucas. Michael is every bit as sexy on screen as he is off. I think our work will show just how much fun we had. I hope you all enjoy the movie. Share your fantasy with me and maybe we can bring it to life in a movie…


Buy Men in Stockings Now!

Lucas Entertainment Announces Release of MEN IN STOCKINGS


May 10, 2010 (New York, NY) – Lucas Entertainment is thrilled to announce the release of its newest Lucas Raunch title, MEN IN STOCKINGS. The production explores new erotic territory, showcasing men in pantyhose play, double dildo penetration, and much more nasty, piggish man-on-man action.


SPENCER REED watches PHILLIP AUBREY dress in tights, rips a hole in the material, then quickly pounds away at the blond bottom’s exposed asshole.

MICHAEL LUCAS finds JUNIOR STELLANO stuffed in a pair of hot black stockings. Lucas quickly tears the hose, burying his cock into Junior’s buff, hairy ass.

RAFAEL ALENCAR gives raunch bottom MARCO CRUISE an oral workout and Marco’s lips are immediately put to use around Rafael’s mammoth shaft. Rafael penetrates the pantyhose with his searching hands, lubes him up, and punishes him with an enormous dildo.

MAIKEL CASH strokes his nylon-encased meat in front of LEONARDO LUJAN, who quickly inserts the throbbing cock up his sweaty hole for some sideways slam dunk sexing.

MICHAEL LUCAS zones in on BRUNO JONES’ stocking-clad sphincter. Ripping a hole open from behind, Michael shoves into the buff bottom boy’s hungry hole and pounds the living daylights out of him.

JONATHAN AGASSI and RAFAEL CARRERAS can’t wait to get in on the sheer sex action. Jonathan opens his lacy legs wide for Rafael’s powerful pole, taking it down his throat considerably deep.


MEN IN STOCKINGS is a single-disc Lucas Raunch DVD release featuring Lucas Entertainment exclusive Jonathan Agassi, with Rafael Alencar, Spencer Reed, Phillip Aubrey, Rafael Carreras, Junior Stellano, Marco Cruise, Maikel Cash, Leonardo Lujan, Bruno Jones, and Michael Lucas. It has a total running time of 177 minutes. MEN IN STOCKINGS is now shipping from LucasEntertainment.com. Members of LucasEntertainment.com can watch scenes immediately. For all press inquiries, please contact Patrick Collins at patrick@lucasentertainment.com or (212) 924-5892 x12. For wholesale inquiries, please contact Justyn Ryan at justyn@lucasentertainment.com or (212) 924-5892 x15.

ABOUT LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT Michael Lucas created Lucas Entertainment in 1998. The studio has grown into one of the largest studios producing all-male erotica. Headquartered in New York City, the Lucas Entertainment brand is famous for its high quality productions, gorgeous men, sizzling sex scenes, and stunning videography. The company has garnered numerous industry accolades and an unprecedented amount of mainstream press. Their film Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita won 14 GayVN Awards, more than any other such awards in the history of adult films. Lucas Entertainment titles feature a variety of international locations, highlighting the sexual vibe and energy of a number of urban centers, including New York City, Tel Aviv, Prague, Budapest, Paris, and Barcelona. Its lines include Lucas Entertainment, Auditions, and Lucas Raunch. The company releases two brand-new titles (each containing five scenes) every month, giving it one of the highest annual outputs in the industry. Its website, LucasEntertainment.com, has an extremely aggressive online presence, providing its members with two new full sex scenes each week. Lucas Entertainment titles are distributed worldwide via DVD, VOD, PPV, Cable, print, and the Internet, and is also the exclusive distributor for Jalif Studio in the United States and Canada.


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