Execs Jonathan Agassi and Marko Lebeau Fuck in Public

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While browsing a sporting goods store, Jonathan Agassi isn’t so much interested in buying jockstraps as he is getting his hands all over the young and burly beefcake Marko Lebeau. They don’t waste time — Jonathan is a passionate guy, and he takes Marko into a booth, pulls the young man’s dress pants down, and slips his cock into his mouth. Marko loves every moment of Jonathan’s acrobatic lips and tongue — he moans and breathes heavy, all the while looking around to see if the couple’s sexual deed will be discovered. Before long, Marko is down on his knees with Jonathan’s dick in his mouth, and Jonathan being the hedonist he is, aggressively forces Marko to choke on his meat. But pumping mouth is not enough — it’s Marko’s meaty ass that Jonathan craves most, and on the open floor of the store they’re using as a personal playground, Jonathan fucks Marko hard and fast in various positions before Jonathan cums on his own chest and sucks a load out of Marko as the grand finale to their classy devilry!

Meaty muscle studs fuck each other

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Canadian natives Gabriel Lenfant and Marko Lebeau — who are friends outside of the porn business — talk about their lives, careers, and fuck fantasies before stripping off their clothes and having some hot fun themselves. Gabriel — who used to work as a stripper and has the body and looks to prove it — starts out by tasting and licking the adorable and burly Marko’s nipples, who can’t get enough of it. Marko yearns for Gabriel’s cock in his mouth, so he sits back and lets him swallow his meat deep. He even spits on it for some extra lubrication! These buddies swap blowjobs for awhile before Gabiel penetrates Marko’s ass. In fact, Marko sits down on Gabriel and rides him — all the while, his uncut cock flops around with each moan and thrust! Soon it’s Gabriel’s turn, and he’s getting fucked hard by Marko, who turns out to be a power top! When they finish, they drop impressive white loads all over each other!

Jonathan Agassi takes you on the set of POWER PROFESSIONALS

Hey guys, Jonathan Agassi here!

I’m happy to announce that one out of the three movies I shot in Canada last month “Gentlemen Vol. 2 POWER PROFESSIONALS”, premiered last week!!!
I’m so looking forward to this one!

I love the Lucas Entertainment GENTLEMEN collection!! It’s SO HARD AND HOT to shoot sex while wearing a suit!!!! (not in the way that us sex maniacs like but it’s so much fun!) In between shots I took my time to rest, eat, and wank while eating a sandwich! haha I love my job!

I shot my scene with Marko LeBeau. A Canadian stud who fits into one of my fantasies… Who ever knows me will tell you… I LOVE THEM SHORT! So in that department we had a match.

Shameless like always I came to him the minute he walked on to the set and asked: DO YOU LIKE PIG SEX OR WAH? (wah=what in a British accent)

I didn’t see the scene yet but I promise you, YOU WILL LOVE IT!

As I’m making my way through aisles of underwear and gay porn movies (surprisingly most of them starring me) suddenly I find my self cruising another horny business man that probably took a lunch break from his hard desk work! After checking him out from head to toe and while grabbing my BIG FAT COCK in lust, I get to hump, bang, power fuck his very big bubble, hairy, gorgeous ass in a few sweaty positions!


Vanilla MY ASS!!! He took it like a REAL MAN!! He rides my BIG FAT COCK like a man whore and I promise you HE LOVED IT! He moaned louder then me and you know me… I MOAN!
I loved fucking him and I cannot wait for you to see it!

I got an exclusive approval to share with you some of my pictures from “Power Professionals”, Before any one has ever seen them! That’s hardly ever happens so your the first to see them!
There you go guys, ENJOY :)




In “Gentlemen Vol. 2: Power Professionals,” the top bosses are suited for sex! Watch tailored stud Adam Killian drill secret fuck friend Jessie Colter. Businessman Adrian Long pounds Carsten Andersson hard and covers him in loads of cum. Horny executives Jonathan Agassi and Marko Lebeau fuck in a public store. Boardroom buddies Nick Ford and Gabriel Lenfant flip-fuck and play in cum. Suited Spanish stud Rafael Carreras pile-drives power-bottom Scott Carter. Each man is dress to impress and ready to get unzipped — the power of authority has never been this hard!

Adrian Long has the look of a top fashion model but lucky for us he is a total-top porn star! This chiseled stud is turned on by athletic and natural men. Adrian Long’s fantasy fuck would include being with two hot bottoms as he fucks them both hard. His favorite part of sex is rimming and fucking doggy-style. Besides getting naked and sweaty, Adrian loves the movies, running and reading.

Sculpted hunk Gabriel Lenfant got started in modeling because he loves to be an exhibitionist. In his private life this versatile stud works as a stripper. Gabriel Lenfant’s favorite sexual activity is cum play and his fantasy fuck would be to have sex while skydiving. Gabriel is a very spiritual person who firmly believes in the powers of good and bad energy. With his bisexual tendencies this sex-pro is free to explore all of the good and the bad.

Meaty muscle-stud Marko Lebeau was inspired to start modeling as his father did when Marko was a child. Like father, like son, this French speaking sex-pro loves to show off in front of the camera. Marko Lebeau’s favorite part of sex is, “all of the cum!” His fantasy fuck would be to have a huge orgy with muscle men all around. Besides a hot sex session, Marko’s hobbies include dancing, sports and going to the gym.

Nick Ford is a talented stud who knows how to use his smooth and ripped body with another man. This Canadian native was born in Montreal and is bilingual in English and French. What type of guys turn Nick Ford on? Ones who are “ripped, hung and full of cum!” The craziest place he has had sex is in the ocean and Nick’s preferred sexual position is to get fucked from behind. Besides getting a good pounding, Nick’s hobbies include traveling, politics, history, art and music.

Kentucky native Jessie Colter is one sexual country boy. This power-bottom loves getting rimmed and pounding by an aggressive top. Jessie Colter’s favorite part of sex is “ the hot dirtiness of it all!” The craziest place he has been fucked in on top of a school buss. Besides getting his perfect bubble-butt slammed, Jessie loves to garden and strip…not at the same time.







**Be sure to watch the premiere of “Gentlemen Vol. 2: POWER PROFESSIONALS” today exclusively at LucasEntertainment.com!

POLL: Suited for Sex!

**Be sure to watch the premiere of “Gentlemen Vol. 2: POWER PROFESSIONALS” exclusively at LucasEntertainment.com!

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