Bartender Issac Jones Shoots His Cum Down Kyle King’s Throat

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What a lonely tourist Kyle King is: all he does is hang out in bars staring at the hot guys, fantasizing about what it would be like to have them all to himself. One night he’s loitering at an empty bar at closing time when Issac Jones offers him another beer. Kyle’s not interested in beverage or food, and a few horny looks tell Issac what it is Kyle wants. Issac hops onto the bar, shirtless, and starts making out with Kyle, who is sex-starved and ready to serve the French bartender’s every need. Their kissing is intense and strong; Issac loves pushing Kyle around, forcing him to service his cock and body. Kyle takes down Issac’s pants and shoves his erect uncut cock down his throat, gulping on it and only taking breaks to suck on his tight, smooth balls. The head of Issac’s cock swells and turns sensitive the more Kyle sucks and strokes it. Issac wants to use his own mouth, so he has Kyle strip off his clothes and bend over. Kyle has a beautiful hole, and Kyle loves clenching it around Issac’s tongue as he eats him out. Kyle is crazed the more Issac teases him, and starts begging his French top to fuck him. Issac would love nothing more: he bends over Kyle’s killer body and with his ass high up in the air, starts thrusting and pounding deep inside Kyle’s hole. All Kyle can do is groan and beg for it hard and deeper. With all of that hot action, how can either one of them hold out from a killer cum shot.

Kyle King Uses Lucas Exclusive Tate Ryder’s Mouth as a Urinal

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Kyle King can’t hold it in anymore: he ducks into the bathroom quick to take a piss, despite his hot, sexy roommate Tate Ryder, taking a shower. Some guys might be offended, but Tate always had his eye on Kyle, and asks him not to waste the piss but rather shower it all over him. They hop into the shower stall where Tate drops to his knees, opens his mouth, and starts gulping up the flood of piss that Kyle unleashes into his mouth. Pissing turns quickly into sucking and the two hunk roommates begin blowing each other’s cocks. Tate, too, needs to take a piss, and Kyle is horny as hell to be treated like a dirty bitch. Tate pisses on Kyle so much that Kyle’s hair is soaked! They hop out of the stall and piss some more in the toilet before Kyle decides to boldly eat out Tate’s ass, who can only lean against the bathroom wall and moan as he is licked. Kyle can’t control himself, and with Tate’s ass right there, puckering with excitement, Kyle grabs a condom and slips inside the hot porn star. Kyle starts slamming and pounding Tate, who loves every thrust, opening up his hole as much as possible to accommodate for the size of Kyle’s big dick. Kyle drills Tate without concern for his bottom, and every now and then he pulls our and lubes up his hole with piss! And when Kyle cums all over Tate, the bottom whore can’t help but eat up the semen!

Boardroom Studs Mitch Branson and Kyle King Flip-Fuck

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CEO Mitch Branson enjoys abusing his power, which he uses to great effect against business newcomer Kyle King. Calling Kyle into his office, Mitch talks business, but he’s staring at Kyle’s cock underneath his pants the entire time. Mitch seduces Kyle into bending over his desk, where he begins with a long and heavy session of ass worship. Mitch can’t get enough of slapping the round cheeks of Kyle’s amazing butt, nor can he stop from fingering his tight, innocent hole! Kyle is turned on by the power dynamic, so he doesn’t stop Mitch from using his power to take control of his hot body. Mitch unzips his pants and lets his cock pop out — Kyle understands the signal and swallows it up, starting with Mitch’s mushroom head and working down the shaft. Kyle quickly turns right back around and bends over the desk; his ass his held high as Mitch lubes up and puts a condom on. Kyle moans and groans as Mitch rams him; as they’re fucking, Mitch unbuttons his shirt and reveals his sculpted, ripped torso. He even has a perfect dusting of course, manly chest hair! But the pair reverses the power-play, and Kyle takes Mitch’s ass for himself. Mitch hops on top of Kyle’s cock and rides him, giving over some power until they both explode cum!

Kyle King Begs and Barks for Adam Killian’s Cock

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Pornstar Adam Killian is a god among men in the gay sex industry, and now for Lucas Entertainment he’s wearing a domineering officer’s cap and leather chaps. His prey: the caged Kyle King, who is struggling and grunting to break himself free; it’s obvious he’s trapped and there’s no way out. Adam kisses Kyle through the bars of the cage and plays with his asshole — Kyle is an aggressive, hungry bottom, and he begs and barks for Adam’s attention like a needy, starved dog. Adam even takes a bottle of water and pours it down on Kyle; he might be thirsty, but Adam it’s going to be too generous with the begging, snarling boy-slut! When Kyle is broken, desperate only to make Adam happy and satisfy his needs, the dominant top takes him out of the cage and begins to ferociously eats his ass out and play with his hole: Adam spreads Kyle open wide, showing just how deep and excited Kyle is in Adam’s hands. Adam decides to feed Kyle his cock, who slurps on it with wet lips and a lapping tongue. Adam’s aggression grows, and he hammers away at Kyle’s throat as if he was pounding his ass. It’s good practice, because Kyle totally submits his ass to Adam’s fat cock shortly after. Adam is at his best when he mounts his bottoms and pumps away; all Kyle can do is hold his ass up for the ride, accepting each thrust. Adam fucks him deep until he cums in Kyle’s mouth, who laps and swallows it up!

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