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Latrice “Mother Fucking” Royale from season four of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” introduces an acrobatic performance unlike anything seen in the world of hardcore gay porn. The shows main attraction far outweighs the circus performances, however: Chris Daniels and Dean Monroe appear on stage to prove that sex is always (and always will be) the main attraction! Christopher Daniels, one of Lucas Entertainment’s favorite gay blond bombshells, is paired with the goateed sex-devil Dean Monroe. Both guys have beautiful cocks and love to have their assholes stuffed with dick, so they go at one another with unrestrained veracity under the blue-and-red lights of the live sex show. Christopher is the first to take cock up his ass; he sits down on Dean’s hard-on and bounces while playing with his own dick. The porn stars switch positions and Dean gets on his back. Christopher grabs him by the ankles and pumps his hole while staring down his sex partner deep in eyes!

Lucas Entertainment Premieres KINGS Season 2 Trailer!

September 16, 2013 (New York, NY) – Lucas Entertainment, the leader in mixing gay porn and mainstream, is back with Season 2 of its award winning series that merges the mainstream with edgy adult entertainment, “KINGS OF NEW YORK Season 2”. The much-anticipated second season includes roles by “RuPaul’s Drag Race’s” Latrice Royale, “Tan Mom” Patricia Krentcil, Reichen Lehmkuhl, Roy Jones, Michael Musto, Geronimo Frias, Jada Valenciaga, Candis Cayne and more! Mixed in with porn legends Johnny Hazard, Dean Monroe, Christopher Daniels, Jimmy Durano, Angelo Marconi, Liam Magnuson, Duncan Black, Jed Athens, Andrew Stark and Sean Xaver.




New York. Eight million fucking people. Eight million fucking dreams. In this town you’ll never make it by just talking the talk, you have to prove your walk. When a door closes in this city, you better have a damn interesting knock to open up another one. Temptation, control, lust, revenge. Every good story has them. But if it’s your show, then direct it. Take the reigns. It’s all about having the power. It’s all about being a KING.


“Season 2 is all about mixing in drama and comedy with sex, then merging mainstream with adult. It’s all about being entertained,” says writer/director Marc MacNamara. “This is a new type of series that takes entertainment and pokes fun at the flaws of celebrity. With reality TV stars, news writers, go-go dancers, drag queens, activists and infamous celebrities all mixed together. We all have a range of interest in our lives and with KINGS we bring these various aspects of showbiz together in one series, as they are, entertainers.”


The first episode of Kings Of New York Season 2 premieres Friday, September 20th, exclusively on Members can stream the episodes and watch for behind the scenes features to accompany each episode.


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Kings FINALE! Trenton Ducati Breaks in Brice Banyan

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Brice Banyan wants to desperately break into the New York City bartending scene, which is a goldmine for a sexy guy like Brice — but only if he can first prove he has what it takes. Trenton Ducati takes the kid under his wing, but the abusive bar owner Richie Rich humiliates the kid for making a simple mistake. The kind-hearted Trenton takes Brice into the back of the bar and cleans him up, but both are healthy men sexually attracted to one another, and an act of kindness quickly turns into hardcore sex! Trenton and Brice swap blowjobs before Brice bends over and asks Trenton to fuck him. Trenton does exactly that, taking the kid in different positions until they both shoot their loads!

D.O. and Adam Killian have a sweaty Flip-Fuck!

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The topic on today’s show is beauty, and Adam Killian leads the discussion with his guests: Derek Hartley, Epiphany, and D.O. As the discussion heats up Adam continues to pay close attention to D.O., who takes advantage of his attention. They head back to Adam’s apartment to get to know each other better, but that only means they want to sleep with each other. And when D.O. takes his clothes off and shows his body, we see a damn close example of perfect masculine beauty. Adam and D.O. suck each other off and flip-fuck like the horny hunks they are. D.O. takes Adam’s cock first, and then they swap and D.O. gets to experience exactly how plump Adam’s bubble butt is!

Mitchell Rock and Sebastian Rossi Flip-Fuck

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Michael Lucas is overseeing an underwear shoot featuring Mitchell Rock when it’s discovered a second model is needed. This revelation is just the luck for Sebastian Rossi. He wanders onto the set and is enamored with Mitchell from the beginning, and because Sebastian has a gorgeous body himself he’s given the green light to perform with Mitchell. When the guys are left to prepare for the shoot they get horny really quick, and Sebastian lets Mitchell know just how much he likes him. From that point forward there’s no stopping them: the hardcore fucking reaches such intensity that Mitchell, who usually bottoms, tops for the first time at Lucas Entertainment!

Steven Daigle talks to ATLBoy about Big Brother, his appearance on Housewives and filming Kings of New York!

Excerpts from Steven’s interview:

When did you first start doing rodeos?

I got on my first bull when I was 21. I had always been fascinated with bull riding and found a friend that took me to a practice bull riding and I was addicted. At the time, I didn’t know I was gay, but I knew that I was attracted to cowboys. I just wasn’t sure why. Later, I realized it was not only a sexual attraction but also a love for the culture, tradition and lifestyle that goes along with it.

I hear you’re on this season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Yeah, I was a backup dancer for Kim Zolciak at the White Party when she performed Tardy for the Party. Chi Chi LaRue introduced her. The episode airs on October 18th.

Did you share your idea of doing porn with any of your housemates on Big Brother?

I had no clue I would ever do porn while in the Big Brother house.

How supportive have people been from the show?

Everyone from Big Brother loves it. They keep asking for copies, even the girls! I had one woman, from season two, do some B-role on a movie I made for Michael Lucas called ‘Kings of New York.’

What was it like working with Michael Lucas.

It was interesting. He commands a presence and can be a bit intimidating, but he also knows what he wants and he gets it.”


KINGS OF NEW YORK is a “Superb Feast Of Sex!”

Kings of New York was recently reviewed by Here are some of the highlights and be sure to watch the hardcore trailer at the end. Feel free to leave your personal review in the comment section!

Four scenes here are lessons in what it really takes to succeed. Is it money? Is it power? Is it jazz hands? Of course not! It’s sexual prowess and the ability to use it to one’s advantage. As cynical and jaded as the city itself, “Kings of New York” is vintage Lucas Entertainment. It has no time for romance or dreams, just quick solid fucking to prove its point. The people at the top are the ones who have exploited their sexual prowess…


We…learn that being top dog in New York City does not mean being a top, because it’s Wilfried Knight who fucks Junior Stellano, now showing us just how experienced Junior’s ass is as crashes in and out with great ease and speed. If Junior seems a bit disconnected from it, it’s certainly not because Wilfried is lacking in giving him an excellent workout. Junior then fucks Wilfried, adopting the same speedy pace and using his hefty frame to grind a deep plow into Wilfried. Junior is all smiles as he produces a double-headed dildo, inserts it into Wilfried and then himself so the two can bump booties as they anally inhale the piece. Junior cums and Wilfried feeds some of it back to him, licking up some of it himself and then cums on Junior’s waiting tongue. With a big smile, Junior tells Wilfried, “fuck me over again and the next lesson won’t be so fun.” If I were Wilfried, I would tempt fate and see what the next lesson has in store, because this one was pretty damn delightful…

If Rafael Alencar weren’t a king of New York by virtue of his photography skills, he would be due to his dick size. The two 69, set against the stark white of the set and both seem to have a blast. Rafael isn’t shy, because as he’s sucking Phillip Aubrey, he starts fingering Phillip’s ass. Phillip isn’t shy, either, because he then sits himself down on Rafael’s dick and skewers himself on the whole length of it for a spiffy bounce. No longer the naïve hick, Phillip is an ace bottom who can turn himself around on Rafael’s dick without pulling off. This is sublime bottoming, and what’s best are the positions. The guys work in some of the hardest, and we should never forget just how big Rafael is! Their whole riding section, whether by Phillip’s bouncing or Rafael’s upwards thrusting, is absolute perfection.


Showing command and his usual elegance, Michael Lucas gives Rod Daily an exquisite fuck. He starts with a simple doggy routine, but then crouches more atop Rod and varies his speeds to keep it interesting. Michael then fucks Rod upside down, sinking his long pole all the way down into Rod, and doing it with full in-and-out thrusts that make an interesting position even better. Michael’s thankfully relentless fucking only stops when he pulls out to finger and lick at Rod’s hairless hole now and then. The camera is definitely focused more on the Michael than on Rod. That’s not necessarily a problem, because Michael is in fine fettle here, but Rod is a hunk who could use some more close-ups (or maybe that’s just my dream!). Rod cums with Michael still fucking him and then Michael sprinkles a nice load on Rod’s flawless abs.


Steven Daigle fucks Zach Alexander completely upside down, with the hairy bottom jiggling himself around Steven’s dick and then going for broke in an awesome ride atop Steven’s dick. These two are responsible for some of the movie’s best fucking, and the fact that Zach is hard the whole time (and with a great long dick), makes it even more mouthwatering. What I did not expect, but welcomed completely, was Zach topping Steven! The flipping comes with no lessening in energy, and Zach proves to be quite the demanding top as well. He buries all of himself in Steven and pushes along with a manly insistence. It’s back to Steven fucking Zach for cum time.

As wry as “Kings of New York” appears to be on the surface, it’s really a superb feast of sex…These eight guys are paired notably well and a lot of heat comes from each scene. I don’t know what the mob or the Mayor might think, but I’m willing to crown some of these guys unofficial Kings of good old NYC.


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The premiere of Steven Daigle’s emotional tell-all interview

It’s finally here! The premiere of Lucas Entertainment’s bare and bold interview with reality and porn star Steven Daigle. In this no holds barred sit down with Michael Lucas, Steven Daigle talks candidly about breaking down while filming CBS’ Big Brother, the tragic and sudden death of his boyfriend, losing his family, being put under a microscope by the gay community and stepping back into spotlight to star in porn.

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Steven Daigle revealed in exclusive tell all interview

Lucas Entertainment presents a bare and bold interview where no topic is off limits. Steven Daigle talks candidly with Michael Lucas about breaking down while filming CBS’ Big Brother, the tragic and sudden death of his boyfriend, losing his family, being put under a microscope by the gay community and stepping back into spotlight to star in porn.

* Full interview premieres tomorrow here on

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