D.O. and Jonathan Agassi Work Up a Sweat

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There’s something exceptionally sexy about a couple of hot sweaty gay guys having a solid workout in the gym, and when they throw in some sex afterwards the package is complete! That’s what we have here with Jonathan Agassi and his gym buddy D.O. — after their workout they show each other what they’re made of when the clothes come off and their cocks are hard! Rough, rugged kissing in some sweaty jockstraps? Check! Big hard dicks swallowed up deep-throat style by two horny throats? Check! Insatiable ass eating and tongue licking? Check! And best of all, our favorite porn stars Jonathan Agassi and D.O. bending over for a fucking neither one will forget? Check! D.O. first lowers himself onto Jonathan’s erection and takes a ride, and then they switch around so Jonathan can show off once again what a sex pig he is by taking D.O.’s huge uncut cock deep in his hole!

Jonathan Agassi Takes Every Inch of Paddy O’Brian

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Paddy O’Brian takes a well-earned break after he and Jonathan Agassi work on fixing up an old warehouse. Jonathan takes a lunch while Paddy takes a seat and rests his big sweaty muscles. While he’s sitting idly by he touches his aroused crotch; Jonathan returns and notices the lump growing in his buddy’s pants. Jonathan runs his hand over the bulge before pulling it out and swallowing the fat piece of meat with his wet lips and hungry throat. Paddy enjoys the service and Jonathan doesn’t waste a second offering it. Paddy and Jonathan climb the scaffolding for a view while Jonathan eats out the top’s hairy man-ass before he bends over and prepares himself for Paddy’s hard, thick cock. Paddy bangs Jonathan’s ass hard before they hop down and get dirty on the mattress. Paddy ensures that Jonathan feels every inch of his manhood as they fuck toward climax!

Lucas Entertainment Nominated at XBIZ Awards

New York, NY (November 21, 2012) Lucas Entertainment rises to the top as the 2013 XBIZ nominations are released. The international porn powerhouse is the only studio to have two films nominated as Gay Movie of the Year. The XBIZ Awards are a major standard in the industry and Lucas Entertainment is proud to announce its honors.

Lucas Entertainment has etched a name for itself as the leader in high quality gay porn, featuring the hottest men from across the world. “Our company has truly grown to great heights this year with phenomenal productions like The Last Day and Awake,” says Lucas Entertainment CEO Michael Lucas. “I am grateful to XBIZ for the recognition and am overjoyed to share each movie with the industry and fans.”

“I am thankful to XBIZ for acknowledging our innovative level of pornography,” says Director of the Year nominee Marc MacNamara. “We are meticulous in planning and wonderfully creative when we delve into each project. I am thrilled to be able to share our visions with this industry. It was a major year for all of us and am indebted to all of the stars, fans and colleagues who have made the ambitious productions a reality.”

Lucas Entertainment’s nominations:

Gay Studio of the Year – Lucas Entertainment

Gay Movie of the Year- Awake & The Last Day

Gay Director of the Year – Marc MacNamara

Gay Performer of the Year – Lucas Exclusives Jonathan Agassi, D.O. & Awake Co-stars Jessy Ares, Adam Killian and Trenton Ducati

Gay Web Company of the Year – Lucas Entertainment

AWAKE Finale! Jonathan Agassi Takes Two Huge Cocks

Seduction and madness aggressively collide in the intense finale of AWAKE. For almost two months we have watched the lives of struggling boyfriends Jonathan Agassi and Jessy Ares as the men get temped by a series of tests at the hands of local seducer Mitchell Rock.

Jonathan has finally caught on to Jessy’s infidelity and the seams begin to unravel as Jonathan shatters the man in the mirror who Jessy thought he saw. When you lose your own perception and identity then everything is at stake. Jonathan’s retaliation is a heated affair as he finds Edji Da Silva and Mathew Mason and lures them into his revenge.

But not all is what it seems when the temptation ends where it began at the lighthouse. A structure meant to guide people to the right path but will the light shine through the dark madness or will it all crash into destruction as everyone becomes AWAKE.

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After Jessy hitches a ride back to his hotel, Jonathan confronts Jessy and the aggressive blowout begins. Jonathan storms out of the fight and finds Edji Da Silva and Mathew Mason and coaxes them to drive him as far away as they can. Once Jonathan lures Edji and Mathew up into the lighthouse, he lets them both know what he’s after. He totally wants to let go, and the only way he knows how is total submission to two hot guys, and Jonathan couldn’t have two better candidates in Edji and Mathew. The kissing is hard and powerful, the way men kiss when their testosterone is boiling. More and more clothing is removed as Jonathan lures Edji and Mathew deeper into his sexual desires: Edji takes Jonathan by the front while Mathew grabs hold of him from the back. Mathew and Edji unbuckle their pants and present their cocks to Jonathan; the Israeli bottom wags his tongue and drops to his knees. He switches between Edji and Mathew’s big dick, licking and sucking the shafts and heads. The guys all gasp and moan during the hot blowjob action, and the tops even smack their dicks against Jonathan’s face while his mouth is open and tongue bared. Jonathan leans against the railing of the lighthouse’s interior and bends over to show off his puckering asshole. Edji and Mathew take turns settling in between his cheeks and eating out his hole. Jonathan loves when his ass is shown a proper amount of attention, and these two sexy men know what they’re doing to get him all worked up. Edji is the first to bend Jonathan over while their both standing up and slip his cock inside: Edji isn’t know for taking it easy on his bottom guys, and Jonathan is no exception. Jonathan gets slammed hard, and he knows he has to take it! Mathew moves in next and shoves his long fat dick inside Jonathan and shows as much gentleness as Edji did. The threesome moves to another room and Jonathan rides Mathew like a cowboy as Edji jerks off watching the two go at it. The sex reaches its climax when Jonathan settles in between both Mathew and Edji and takes their cum with hungry, open mouth!

Lucas Entertainment Wins Top Honors at Hustlaball!

NEW YORK CITY (October 23, 2012)— International gay porn powerhouse Lucas Entertainment took home top honors at the 4th Annual Hustlaball Awards in Berlin winning Best Studio Website for LucasEntertainment.com, Best Film for The Last Day and Best Director for Marc MacNamara.

LucasEntertainment.com has experienced another stellar year, launching its social network Lucas Community, adding a Gentleman inspired site SexInSuits.com and introducing a new Love line to its roster of successful franchises.

The Last Day, written and directed by Marc MacNamara was a huge critical and commercial success in early 2012 and continues to make an impact on the industry. The story unfolds as Lucas Exclusive Jonathan Agassi is wrapped up in an intricate, apocalyptic plot by fame-seeking killer Damien Crosse.The action-packed struggle between the truth and the end of the world begins as the men brutally fight to survive THE LAST DAY!

“The story of The Last Day is a heart-pounding ride that has you on the edge of your seat,” say Lucas Entertainment president and CEO Michael Lucas. “Damien Crosse is brilliant as a sexy and crazed villain. And his protagonist Jonathan Agassi is a tough and hot fighter who uses everything he has, literally, in the battle of this smart and edgy thriller.”

“I am incredibly grateful to Hustlaball and all of the voters who have recognized our relentless work,” says director Marc MacNamara. “To come to Berlin and be awarded with these honors is the icing…err cum on top of a deliciously intense and hard to bake cake. I love The Last Day and when you open yourself up to critique it’s unexpected and uplifting the get positive feedback. We are very proud and have not slowed down. Our next big movie, Awake, is in stores now and streaming on our website.”

“It was an honor to be recognized amongst the industry’s leading companies,” says Senior Production Manager Chris Crisco. “Having Jonathan Agassi by our side as we accepted the awards made for such an amazing night. We graciously thank everyone who came out and voted for us. It’s a pleasure to come to work everyday and make the content that we produce and be awarded for the results.”

Members of LucasEntertainment.com can stream The Last Day here!

Lucas Entertainment Releases AWAKE DVD and Hardcore Trailer!

For Immediate Release

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New York, NY (October 2, 2012) Lucas Entertainment, the leader in gay porn epics, is excited to release the much-anticipated DVD of AWAKE. The critically praised blockbuster was shot entirely on location in Mykonos, Greece, and combines an emotional and physical journey with intense and passionate sex that are joined with explosive results.

GPCrush.com says of AWAKE, “It’s ridiculous how good this one is. It is amazeballs! Jessy Ares and Jonathan Agassi reinvent fucking in this first scene from Awake!”

QueerPig.com says, “The summer’s hottest movie is finally out! You don’t want to miss this hot release! AWAKE features some of the sexiest men in gay porn having hot sex on the beautiful island of Mykonos. This movie is just too hot.”

“[In Awake] the desire is intense with slapping, spitting and growling which I love. Jonathan Agassi is a phenomenal bottom as he looks with lust into Jessy Ares and backs his ass onto Jessy Ares as if no cock was enough to sate his desire and he slurps up his own load after he cums,” says QueerPornNation.com

“I loved it. They shot scenes for this movie everywhere, from a beautiful villa near the cliff, inside Armenistis Lighthouse, on motorbikes, in a hospital, to a car accident in Mykonos town. They even shot one sex scene right on Elia Beach (it’s a gay nude beach) in front of some lucky tourists,” said QueerMeNow.net

“We’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Lucas Entertainment’s upcoming film, Awake. So we’re thrilled to share their most ambitious and exciting projects to date!” said QueerClick.com

“In AWAKE, it’s gone with the old Jessy Ares, wholesome, clean cut and always smiling. And in his place stands Jessy Ares, a brooding hunk who oozes sex appeal and looks like he’d give you the fuck of your life!” says QX Magazine.

Along with the DVD release, Awake is also available to stream online to members of LucasEntertainment.com

Premiere of the AWAKE Trailer

Only one more week until seduction and madness collide! The AWAKE DVD hits streets next Friday, September 28th. Members of Lucas Entertainment’s website can watch Part One of the four part movie event now, exclusively at LucasEntertainment.com

Venture down the dark path of temptation and open your eyes to feel everything in this twisted story of AWAKE. To celebrate the monumental film we want to share the softcore (safe for work) trailer.

“Shooting AWAKE was truly an amazing experience! I loved filming it!” says star and Lucas Exclusive Jonathan Agassi. “After seeing Jessy Ares for the first time in person we realized that we have been chatting for ages online and never had the chance to meet! Mykonos is beautiful and the entire story of AWAKE is by far the best combination that I’ve seen. This movie is going to make you shake guys! I think this Awake touches on a lot on the true-life issues that partnered men have. But tells it in a way everyone can relate to and be moved by. Emotion and excitement are to the test in a wonderful and twisted way. You will love this one! Don’t skip a moment because this one cuts deep and stays incredible hot throughout.”

The trailer features songs “Through The Looking Glass” and “The Signs of the Angels” by Awake star Jessy Ares.

Lucas Entertainment Nabs Most Nominations At HustlaBall Berlin!

New York, NY (September 18, 2012) Lucas Entertainment is the most nominated studio with eighteen nominations at the 4th Annual HustlaBall Awards.The awards will be presented during the legendary Berlin HustlaBall, which takes place this year on October 19th. The HustlaBall Awards are Europe’s largest and most prestigious gay porn awards show. Lucas Entertainment ranks ahead of every other gay studio in the world and is delighted about this recognition as the leading international gay porn studio.

Lucas Entertainment features the hottest men from across the world in some of the world’s most stunning locations. “We have had an exceptional year, signing new exclusives Vito Gallo, Edji Da Silva, Johnny Venture, Mathew Mason and Adrian Long,” says Lucas Entertainment CEO Michael Lucas. “We have showcased the most passionate and incredible sex this year with remarkable movies like The Last Day and The Power of Love and I want to thank HustlaBall Awards jury and the public for recognizing our hard work and achievements.”

A complete list of Lucas Entertainment’s nominations:

BEST NEWCOMER: Edji Da Silva & Vito Gallo

BEST BOTTOM: Mathew Mason

BEST TOP: Adrian Long

BEST FILM: The Last Day

BEST STUDIO US: Lucas Entertainment


BEST ACTOR: Jonathan Agassi (The Last Day) & Damien Crosse (The Last Day)

BEST HUNK FILM: The Power of Love & Open Bar


BEST FETISH ACTOR: Jonathan Agassi


BEST DVD COVER US: The Last Day & Boy Toys

BEST STUDIO WEBSITE: LucasEntertainment.com

BEST SEX WEBSITE: LucasRaunch.com

Consumers can register and vote until October 7th, 2011 Here!

Jessy Ares and Jonathan Agassi Have Sweaty Sex

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It’s been six years of ups and downs, but Jonathan Agassi and Jessy Ares want to make it work. They decide to vacation on the Greek island of Mykonos for a getaway that will give them the time and atmosphere needed to work on repairing their relationship. While walking down the cobblestone streets, Jessy flashes back to what made the men escape to the island. Jonathan pins Jessy against the wall where they smash their lips together. They peel their shirts off while slapping and kissing — Jonathan goads Jessy into showing off just how strong he is, resulting in the top grabbing Jonathan’s head to initiate a blowjob. Jonathan is enthusiastic to be used — he grabs hold of Jessy’s cock, licks the head, and spits on his foreskin. Jessy wants more after awhile: he pushes Jonathan back onto the bed and hoists his legs up in the air when he unleashes his tongue. Jessy licks and smacks Jonathan’s hole before they flip around again and fucks some more face. Jessy gets himself fully hard in Jonathan’s mouth before turning the Israeli around and positioning him on all fours. Jessy throws on a condom and guides his cock into Jonathan’s ass. The lust between these two hot guys is rugged and real: Jessy rides Jonathan’s ass, who bounces up and down with each thrust Jessy delivers. To keep him still, Jessy grabs hold of Jonathan’s ass cheeks and does not let go; he tightens his grip as he fucks him deeper and harder. Jonathan stands up and spreads his legs against a wall: Jessy grabs his hips and begins thrusting all over again. After awhile they take a break from fucking and Jonathan sucks Jessy off some more before he lies down and grips the bedposts, bracing himself for when Jonathan sits down on Jessy’s cock and rides him rough and hard. The guys work up such a sweat that they’re glistening all over when they come! After the men have blown their heavy loads the arguing begins again. Jonathan vows to make their relationship work as he books the trip to Mykonos. But flashing back to present time, tragedy strikes when Jonathan is hit bit a car. He’ll survive, but not before local Mitchell Rock swoops in and escorts Jessy and Jonathan to the hospital. The temptation and mind fuck begins but how strong is his resolve?

POLL: What is Keeping You AWAKE?

In honor of AWAKE premiering next Friday the 14th, we want to know which scene you are most looking forward to. Don’t miss the first look behind the scenes of AWAKE and the cover revealed, on Monday, September 10th here on LucasBlog.com! Watch Part One of AWAKE Friday, September 14th exclusively at LucasEntertainment.com

*Don’t miss the first look behind the scenes of AWAKE and the cover revealed, on Monday, September 10th here on LucasBlog.com!
Watch Part One of AWAKE Friday, September 14th exclusively at LucasEntertainment.com

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