Poll: Go FUCK yourself!

In honor of Mother’s Day, our feelings would be best described by the glorious 90′s rap group Salt N Peppa:

“I wanna thank your mother for a butt like that (thanks, Mom)
Can I get some fries with that shake-shake bootie?
If looks could kill you would be an uzi
You’re a shotgun – bang! What’s up with that thang?
I wanna know how does it hang?”

Thanks ladies! Now all we ask is one simple favor from the moms: make another one! Our question is, if one of these models were a twin or cloned, who would you want to watch fucking themselves??

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Butch daddy Wilfried Knight answers your fan mail!

Hey it’s Wilfried Knight and I’m here to answer your dirty questions…

1-What types of men turn you on? Do you like to be the daddy?

A: Absolutely. I was always more of a protector, dominant type in my mind. My body type and face just did not necessarily inspire it. Getting older, and bigger, and definitely more experienced in bed, I attract more and more younger bottom guys and I love it. If I had a type: lean, fit athletic, a masculine face… But it’s all about chemistry. I just love to be in charge and make a duty of turning the other one on, be in control. It’s Not just about me.
Regardless I am still versatile. Details a bit further down…

2-Dear Wilfried……
you are AMAZING!!!!!!what are you going to do with Lucas Entertainment? I would like to see you in a Raunch Title with your body covered in piss, lick feet and a lot of dirty sex..mmmmmmmmmmmmmm……….

A: I am more of a dominant type and more going for raw sex as it is. I’m all good about watersports as a top but I will not go into it as a bottom. Spit, sweat, hot sex is my thing.
The good thing is that Michael Lucas gets me to do what I am into and let me be my way: therefore what you see is real: No fake: you are watching real sex, no acting
Though I also am a major skilled fisting top… Watch this space.

3-Loved you in Obsession. damn you got to fuck both those Israeli’s Avi Dar and Matan Shalev. How was it?

A: Pretty darn lucky aren’t I? They both are extremely sexual and sensual. Matan had that extremely boyish and innocent look about him that Made fucking him even more of a turn on in my twisted mind. And those lips: he knows how to use them.
Avi is a BLAST: attitude free, no hang up, extremely fun and free spirited (crazy just like me): imagine holding on to those tight abs as he was riding me… Tough not to shoot too early.

4-Hey Wilfried. Ben Andrews has stated he’s been a fan of yours since his career. Is there any way a scene with you two be possible in the future? Also, any other newer stars out there that you would like to work with?

Is he a fan? Thanks. I really appreciate from a performer like him.
A: As far as newer talents I would want to be paired up with, there are no hesitations in wanting Jonathan Agassi. We are meant to be!!! He already is and will be the next big thing and we both want to get it on. Us together? Anything will go on. I love him… Well as long as he does not sing…

5- HOT! When will you be filming again??
A: I will film an exciting thriller with Lucas Entertainment starting the second week of January. Classy, mysterious but as hot as you would expect. Watch it coming!

**Check out WilfriedKnight.com

Mega-hung Ben Andrews serves up your answers!

1) Alessandro: Dear Ben, how are you? What’s your next film?I hope to see you again ….in action!!

A: Hi Alessandro! I’ve been on a small break and am probably going to start filming again within these next few months after some religious gym time. Until then, I have a second dildo in the works that should hopefully be coming out soon!

2) Johnny: Hey Ben, do you have a boyfriend?, greetings from Iquitos-Peru.

A: No serious boyfriend right now, Johnny. Have been casually dating but none of them have gotten serious. For now my boyfriend is my dog, Pierre haha…

3) Lance: I’d love to see you to do a scene with Naor Tal, Avi Dar and Jonathan Agassi. Separately! Question: would you bottom for someone?

A: That would be pretty hot, Lance! The Israeli boys here at Lucas are all so sexy. I still haven’t even bottomed in my personal life (contrary to what some people think) so it’d probably be a while before I gave it up on screen.

4) Rico: In your personal life- u ever have bottoms who can’t take your huge dick? what do you do then?

A: It usually works… Lots of lube and patience. And if it just won’t work, I’m ok with just keeping it simple and sticking with foreplay.

5) Ryan: Do feel that some guys in your private life look past your beauty and personality just for your dick size? Do you find it difficult to date because of that?

A: I don’t think it’s usually a problem, Ryan. I do have trouble dating sometimes though, just because I’m not one to settle.

***Thanks for your questions, everyone! I’m looking forward to getting back in front of the camera soon for everyone! If anyone else had a question that didn’t make the cut, you can holler at me on twitter, @BenAndrewsNYC.



Ben Andrews, the man behind the our favorite uncut massive cock, has starred in over 16 hardcore films for Lucas Entertainment and he has his own life-size dildo that the most ambitious bottom would need practice on!

We have him here live on Lucas Blog to take your questions! Reply to this post with your ?’s for Ben and he’ll pick his favorite 5 to answer! Don’t be shy, get dirty and ask whatever you want:)

Ben Andrews: Top Eleven Movies Featuring His Eleven Inches

Ben Andrews is the Model of the Week at Lucas Entertainment.com. Few stars are blessed with endowments like Ben Andrews, and he’s been a proud member of the Lucas Exclusive stable for quite some time. Here are the trailers for the top ten movies from his big-dicked oeuvre (in no particular order). Leave your favorite picks in the comment section below!

The Intern (with Christian Cruz and Derrick Hanson)

Buy The Intern Now    Watch The Intern Now

Gigolo (with Scott Tanner and Kurt Wild)

Buy Gigolo Now    Watch Gigolo Now

Return to Fire Island (with Danny Parker)

Buy Return to Fire Island Now    Watch Return to Fire Island Now

Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita (with Jack MacCarthy)

Buy Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita Now    Watch Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita Now

Wall Street (with Rafael Alencar and Kain Warn)

Buy Wall Street Now    Watch Wall Street Now

Brothers’ Reunion (with Tommy Deluca)

Buy Brothers’ Reunion Now    Watch Brothers’ Reunion Now

Encounters 3: Flash Point (with Chad Hunt and Sal)

Buy Encounters 3 Now    Watch Encounters 3 Now

Auditions 10 (with Jack MacCarthy)

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Auditions 22 (with Wolf Hudson)

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Cock Cribs (with Valentin Petrov)

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Auditions 28: A Knight With Wilfried (with Ryan Raz)

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Cockstalker (with Tom D.)

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Kings of New York Release Party Pictures!

This past Friday Lucas Entertainment celebrated the release of KINGS OF NEW YORK at the Eagle NYC. On hand were stars Rafael Alencar, Junior Stellano, Zach Alexander, Avi Dar, Mike Dreyden, and Ben Andrews. Bianca del Rio served as ringmaster, with help from mr. Pam!

Rafael Alencar, Zach Alexander & Junior Stellano


Rafael Alencar, Bianca del Rio, Ben Andrews & Zach Alexander


Zach Alexander

Rafael Alencar & mr. Pam

Bianca del Rio


Zach Alexander, Ben Andrews, Mike Dreyden, mr. Pam, Bianca del Rio & Rafael Alencar




June 15, 2010 (New York, NY) – Lucas Entertainment is thrilled to announce the release of its newest title, KINGS OF NEW YORK. The story focuses on four young men willing to do anything to make it to the top and the powerful individuals who control access to that playground of privilege known as the Big Apple.

KINGS OF NEW YORK marks the Lucas Entertainment debuts of Big Brother 10 star Steven Daigle, along with Zach Alexander and Rod Daily. Also starring is Lucas Entertainment exclusive Wilfried Knight with Junior Stellano, Phillip Aubrey, Rafael Alencar, and Michael Lucas. The video features numerous non-sexual celebrity cameos, such as Village Voice columnist Michael Musto, New York City drag queen Bianca del Rio, Sherry Vine (whose popular parody of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” and “Telephone” can be seen here and here, respectively) and Lucas Entertainment exclusive Ben Andrews. Finally, the title includes a reunion between Daigle and Big Brother 2 contestant Monica Bailey.

In the first scene, scruffy French daddy Wilfried Knight gets yanked out of the trunk of a car by two ruff and buff cronies and led to a secret sex dungeon where he finds King of the New York Underground, Junior Stellano.

Wilfried_Knight_4 Junior_Stellano_1


Later, aspiring model Phillip Aubrey is stunned to see that his first photo shoot in Gotham is handled by none other than world-renowned fashion photographer Rafael Alencar. Following a stellar shoot, the King of Fashion, Mr. Alencar, zooms straight into Phillip’s kissable body.

Phillip_Aubrey_7 Rafael_Alencar_3


In the next scene, King of Sex Michael Lucas, has fucked “miles of holes” to get to where he is on the gay porn totem pole, and ambivalent California porn star Rod Daily is ready to take a lesson.

Rod_Daily_5 Michael_Lucas_Rod_Daily_5

Finally, reality TV star Steven Daigle halts the judging of a new talent competition to sexually console the defeated Broadway dancer, Zach Alexander.

Steven_Daigle_2 Zach_Alexander_7


Money, fame, beauty, sex…it’s all about the reign of power. It’s all about being a KING.

A behind-the-scenes production blog will be featured at LucasBlog.com over the next two weeks. The studio is also holding a release party at the Eagle NYC on Friday, June 18th, featuring appearances by stars Rafael Alencar, Junior Stellano, Avi Dar, Ben Andrews, and Zach Alexander, and hosted by Bianca del Rio.

Sherry Vine Michael Musto Bianca del Rio Steven Daigle

KINGS OF NEW YORK is a single-disc DVD release with a total run time of 134 minutes and begins shipping on June 25th. Scenes from the movie will become available to members of LucasEntertainment.com throughout the months of June and July. The first scene, featuring Wilfried Knight and Junior Stellano, is now available here

For all press inquiries, please contact Patrick Collins at (212) 924-5892 x12 or via email at patrick (at) lucasentertainment.com. For wholesale orders, please contact Justyn Ryan at (212) 924-5892 x15 or via email at justyn (at) lucasentertainment.com.

ABOUT LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT Michael Lucas created Lucas Entertainment in 1998. The studio has grown into one of the largest studios producing all-male erotica. Headquartered in New York City, the Lucas Entertainment brand is famous for its high quality productions, gorgeous men, sizzling sex scenes, and stunning videography. The company has garnered numerous industry accolades and an unprecedented amount of mainstream press. Their film Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita won 14 GayVN Awards, more than any other such awards in the history of adult films. Lucas Entertainment titles feature a variety of international locations, highlighting the sexual vibe and energy of a number of urban centers, including New York City, Tel Aviv, Prague, Budapest, Paris, and Barcelona. Its lines include Lucas Entertainment, Auditions, and Lucas Raunch. The company releases two brand-new titles (each containing five scenes) every month, giving it one of the highest annual outputs in the industry. Its website, LucasEntertainment.com, has an extremely aggressive online presence, providing its members with two new full sex scenes each week. Lucas Entertainment titles are distributed worldwide via DVD, VOD, PPV, Cable, print, and the Internet, and is also the exclusive distributor for Jalif Studio in the United States and Canada.

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